Sunday, August 16, 2015

7 Months

7 Months
June 27 – July 26

Happy 7 months, baby boy!  You are now closer to being a one year old than you are to being just a newborn.  Time flies!  This month you were On. The. Move.  Of course, I will be always be excited for your milestones and achievements, but I think part of me had kind of hoped you would be a late mover.  Well, you have your own agenda and nothing can stop you from moving and exploring now! 

Here’s a look at what Jack was up to during his seventh month of life:

Long story short:

-Milestones: Sitting up from laying down, sitting up from all fours, worm crawl, crawling on all fours, pulling to stand, cutting his first tooth
-Likes: Screeching, pulling my hair, aggressive open mouth kisses, music class, “Scout” toy, tags, eating paper, crawling, rubbing his head and playing with his hair while he eats or when he is tired
-Dislikes: Having his diaper or clothes changed, sleep, getting his head dunked during swim lessons
-Foods: Jack has tried most fruits and vegetables, and he seems to like most of them.  He started having meat (chicken and turkey) and dairy (yogurt) this month. 
-Sizes: Diaper size 4, Clothing: 6-12 month
-Sleep: I didn’t think it was possible, but his sleep has gotten worse.  There’s really no point in blaming it on teething, a growth spurt, a developmental burst, or whatever else, because really his sleep has never been good.  I’m trying to build up the courage to do some sleep training.  He needs an intervention.  And I need sleep. 

Long story (very) long:

Week 27 (June 27 – July 3)

Week 27 started off a pretty impressive streak of mobility for Jack.  He figured out how to sit up from laying down and from all fours.  On June 29, Jack did his first worm crawl across our bed.  He went right up to the edge and would have gone right over had I not been right there videoing… I mean watching him carefully.  This week he also started crying when something is taken away from him, and he thinks it hilarious to try and put his hands in my mouth. 

6 Month Doctor Appointment (a few days late).  He did much better with his shots this time! 

Waiting for snow cones!

This is what happens when dad is in charge of putting on pajamas.  Poor guy!

No fear

Probably my favorite picture of my son.  Germs... yum! 

28 Weeks (July 4 – July 10)

Jack celebrated his first Fourth of July this week.  We went to a little street festival in our neighborhood, but it was SO hot that we only lasted about 20 minutes before just finding an air conditioned place to have lunch instead.  We had Mexian food.  How patriotic!  Jack was in bed before it was dark so no fireworks for us this year.  Jack’s new favorite thing this week is playing on the kitchen floor.  I usually give him a spatula and a whisk and he entertains himself for quite a while.  

Watching the World Cup
BFF Scout

Mail From the Obamas

He likes swim lessons, I swear. 

Young Love At Music Class

Snow Cones with Friends

29 Weeks (July 11 – July 17)

Jack crawled on all fours for the first time this week (July 12)!  This milestone was made even more exciting, because he crawled to ME!  Oh, and later that very same day, he also pulled to standing.  Slow down, baby boy!  I’m not ready for all this mobility and independence all at once.  

In less exciting news, sleep has regressed hugely this week!  Ugh!  Naps are OK for the most part (2 per day), but night sleep is just bad.  He’s back to newborn status with his waking up every 2-3 hours.  It’s brutal.

This week we had lots of fun hosting our neighborhood mommy group at our house for a playgroup. It’s nice to have a nice group of mom friends in our neighborhood.  We also got to visit with one of my friends and former co-workers on Friday morning, and later that day Aunt Renee (and the rest of the Hemmasi clan) visited.  The very next day, my mom arrived for a week long visit!  

Playdate with Old TFA Friends

Crawled Right Up To the Teacher At Music Class.  Little Teacher's Pet

Aunt Renee

Our friend Lily
30 Weeks (July 18 – 24)

My mom (Mimi) was in town this week.  On Sunday we took a little day trip to a Round Top to see the farmhouse that my aunt bought as a second home.  It was fun to show my mom the Texas hill country and to let Jack experience the Texas countryside for the first time.  He loved it!  We also ate out several times, and it’s so nice that Jack is so much easier to handle when out to eat now.  He likes to sit in the high chairs and play with toys or try things off of our plates. 

In other news this week, Jack is cutting his first tooth (bottom, left).  I can’t imagine his cute gummy smile with a little tooth poking out!  He is now eating 3 meals a day, and he really does like most foods that he tries.  He does seem to like the sweet things better, but I’m trying to balance fruit and vegetables, so he doesn’t turn into the crazy picky eater that I was as a kid.  He also tried Puffs for the first time this week.  He was actually pretty good at getting them into his mouth.  He only near-choked/gagged a couple times.  

Lunch At Royer's Cafe In Round Top

Texas Country Boy

Music Class With Mimi

Baby's First Mohawk

Baby Jail

Swim Lessons

Happy 7 months, Jack!  I am sad you are growing up so fast, but I’m excited to see you learn and change! 

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