Tuesday, December 22, 2015

11 Months

11 Months
October 27 – November 26

Long story short:

-Milestones: Standing independently, 6 teeth, first Halloween, first Thanksgiving
-Likes: Jack’s favorite activity this month is running around like a crazy man with his walker.  We’ve been taking his walker to the park, and he loves having so much open space to run around.  Jack has a strange obsession with the alarm panel, the thermostat, and the tiny green light on the smoke detector.  Another new obsession is the microwave.  Strange baby.  Favorite toys: big stuffed bear, walker, stacking rings, light up ball, Leap Frog spin toy, empty plastic bottles (or basically anything in the recycling bin), Pat the Bunny book.
-Dislikes: Jack hates having his face and hands wiped off.  He also really hates the toilet seat locks I installed.  Sorry, buddy. 
-Foods:  Jack has become avocado obsessed.  He usually eats a whole avocado over the course of the day.  He also really loves grapes, yogurt, and puffs.
-Sizes: Diaper size 4, Clothing: 18 months, Shoes: between size 4/5
-Sleep: Overall, Jack is still sleeping pretty well!  Once or twice a week he wakes up once during the night- usually around 1AM, but the rest of the nights, he has been sleeping all the way through the night!  Unfortunately, he still hasn’t really adjusted to daylight savings, and he has been waking up for the day around 5 or 5:30.  Jack is still on two naps a day.  The morning nap is pretty reliable, but sometimes he will fight his afternoon nap. 

Long story (very) long:

44 Weeks (October 24 – 30)

Jack was busy this week getting ready for his first Halloween.  We went to two more pumpkin patches, and tried to wear all of his Halloween wardrobe all week.  In other news: Jack has stood independently a few more times.  He usually does it when he is holding something in his hands and doesn’t realize he isn’t holding onto anything to help him stand.  As soon as he realizes this though, he will slowly sit down like, “oops, didn’t mean to do that.”  Jack is cutting his two top middle teeth, and these two teeth are REALLY making us all miserable.  Poor guy is napping horribly and waking up at night with a sad little cry.  I will miss Jack’s funny little vampire smile, but I will be SO glad when these dang teeth finally come through! 

Halloween 2014 vs Halloween 2015

Skeletons love bubbles

Little boy, big world

Mom can't take me shopping anymore, because I insist on pushing the cart

Legs stuck!

45 Weeks (October 31 – November 6)

Jack celebrated his first Halloween this week!  I dressed him up as a koala, and he was almost as adorable as the real thing!  We took Jack trick or treating with the neighborhood group.  It was fun taking him around, but he only lasted about an hour. 

Other new things this week: Jack now pushes my hand away when I’m trying to feed him something he doesn’t want to eat or when he’s done eating.  He’s like, “Stop shoving things in my face, lady!”  Jack’s new “thing” this week is sticking out his tongue and then wanting everyone else to stick out theirs, too.  Jack discovered the microwave this week.  Our microwave is one of those under-counter ones, so it’s right at his level.  If I turn it on, he will speed crawl over and sit right in front of it until the timer goes off.  I may or may not sometimes set the timer for 45 seconds with nothing in the microwave so I can run down the hallway and do something quickly like go to the bathroom alone.  Oh, and those 2 top teeth FINALLY came in!  He has a little gap between his front teeth, and it makes his little smile so cute!

Halloween party with my friends

Fun at the Childrens/ Museum

My view these days

Obsessing over the alarm panel
46 Weeks (November 7 – 13)

Lots of baby-proofing happened this week.  The house is now decked out with outlet covers, toilet locks, cabinet locks, more outlet covers, and furniture/TV tethers will be installed soon!  Sorry to spoil all your fun, Jack.  We also lowered Jack’s crib mattress to the lowest level since I was afraid he was going to figure out how to climb out. 

New trick this week: Jack makes this hilarious sound when he’s excited now… to me it sounds like a dolphin squeak.  It’s pretty cute, and it’s usually accompanied with his trademark “happy hands/feet” move and/or rapid arm flapping.  

Rocking my poor teething baby

Hanging with my lady friends at the park

Well, at least one of us is having fun


47 Weeks (November 14 – 20)

My dear friend from college, Jen, visited us this week.  I was so excited for her to meet Jack, and we had such a good time.  Jack loves his Tia Jen! J  

Other highlights of the week: Jack is standing independently more and more, but as soon as he realizes he’s not holding onto anything, he slowly sits down. Silly boy.  He is really enjoying his sign language class, and he LOVES his teacher!  He even did his first baby sign this week- daddy.  He will make the sign for daddy when David comes home from work and when we FaceTime with him at work.  Jack is really into sticking his tongue out this week.  And he especially likes it when you stick yours out back at him- he will usually try and grab it.  The weather has been amazing this month, and Jack is loving spending time everyday at the park across the street.  

I love Aunt Jen!

Playing with the diaper bin

Teacher's pet at Baby Sign Language

Pat the Bunny - new favorite book

48 Weeks (November 21 – 27)

This week Jack had two 1st birthday parties to attend- such a little social butterfly.  He had a lot of fun, and it made me excited to celebrate Jack’s 1st birthday next month!  We road-tripped to Austin this week to spend Thanksgiving with David’s family.  Jack did great in the car, and he had a lot of fun visiting with family and friends.  He was pretty “meh” about the Thanksgiving turkey, but he loved the pies (that’s my boy!). 

Other news this week: Jack is fighting naps like crazy.  I fear that he is trying to transition to one nap a day, but I REALLY don’t think EITHER of us are ready for that yet.  I hope it’s just a tooth that’s messing with his naps. :-/  Jack still loves climbing the stairs, but now he likes it even more if you pretend to chase him up the stairs.  He cracks up when he turns around and sees you coming after him.  He is also super enthusiastic about baths these days, and he shows it by splashing like crazy.  We BOTH end up pretty wet at bath time.  

Baby's 1st selfie

Do I seriously have to wear this birthday hat?

Jack learned the hard way that when you fall asleep with your shoes on at a party that someone is going to mess with you

All bundled up for a morning jog

A quick grocery run

Gobble til you wobble

Forget thanksgiving turkey. I want noodles and avocado

Thanksgiving 2014 vs Thanksgiving 2015

Reading with Aunt Renee

I love you, my sweet boy!  I can’t wait to see what your last month as a baby brings!  

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