Friday, October 24, 2014

31 Weeks: A Pineapple

October 16, 2014

Photo Thoughts: Why have I never worn leggings before? These are one of the most comfortable things I've ever worn! Oh- and the cleaning stuff is to represent the big cleaning spree I felt compelled to go on this past weekend.

How I'm Feeling: Big.  My back aches off and on throughout the day. But all things considered, I guess there's not too much to complain about.

Baby/Bump: The experts say there is a big increase of brain activity that coincides with all 5 senses being just about fully developed this week. 
The bump is definitely growing OUT, and I've been feeling him up a lot higher than I used to.  I felt like he was so low for such a long time.
The view from above this week.


Symptoms: Lower/mid back aches if I'm on my feet for too long, and slightly swollen ankles most evenings. I'm also still experiencing shortness of breath throughout the day- even just randomly if I'm sitting down. But I also notice I get winded very easily.  I'm starting to resent the stairs in our house, as they are becoming more and more of a chore.

Weight: + 0 this week, so +22.0 total still. Yay for a little plateau!

What I'm Stressing About/Worries: Broken record on this one... just stressing about that ticking clock and that growing "To Do" list.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I've been really into peanut butter this week. I had been on a cereal kick for breakfast, but I was noticing that shortly after I would get to work I was feeling kind of gross.  I started to suspect it might be the milk since I really hardly ever drink milk.  So I took a break from cereal and milk and switched to an English Muffin with peanut butter.  SOOOO good!  And I am not feeling sick anymore, so... peanut butter FTW!

What I'm Missing: As the weather is ever so slightly changing, I am starting to miss my old clothes a little bit. And I really am hoping I won't have to buy a bunch of "cold weather" maternity clothes with so little time left...

Sleep: I finally got a body pillow this week (just a regular, non-pregnancy one).  It seems to be helping a little bit, although I wasn't really all that uncomfortable to begin with.  But I'm sure it will be good to have in the coming weeks.

Exercise: Still doing well about staying back on a regular workout schedule! AND, I started a prenatal pilates/barre class this week!  The studio is really close to where we live, and the lady runs it our of her house, so the classes are really small, which is nice. There were 6 people in the class, ranging from about 25 weeks to 38 weeks. It was a good workout, and it felt good to do some exercises and stretches that were really adapted for and aimed at a pregnant body.  I really liked it, and I'm excited to go again! 

Movement: Lots of movement, although still mostly unidentifiable. This week I got my first real "zinger" of a kick straight to the bladder. I was standing in an aisle at Target when it happened, and I was sure that when I looked down I would see a puddle at my feet. Luckily that didn't happen, but OW- that hurt!

Boy or Girl: In case you forgot- it's a boy!

Highlights of the Week: My Phoenix Baby Shower, of course!!!  My mom, sister, and cousin did an amazing job planning and putting it on- it was perfect! And it was so fun to catch up with family and friends. Baby H and I were definitely spoiled, and we received TONS of great baby gifts.  And because of the story book theme, baby boy's library is off to a pretty impressive start!  A friend of mine took pictures of the shower, and I'm still waiting to get my hands on those, but when I do, I will post some more photos of the big event!

Guest-made onesies- who knew my family and friends were so TALENTED?!

One of my very best friends, Kayli, was in town for work for a couple nights this week and she stay at our house. It was SO good to see her and spend some time together in between her work events. She even got to feel a few baby kicks!  But, major failure, we didn't even manage to get ONE photo of the two of us :-(

Oh, and also not to be overlooked in the "highlight" department... I took my very first pregnancy nap this week!  Crazy, I know. I am just NOT a napper- never have been (even as a baby, according to my mom).  But one day this week when I got home from work, I was beat, and a power nap (I set my alarm for 30 minutes) seemed like the only solution.

Most Entertaining Question/Comment of the Week: The pest control guy said out of nowhere, "So, when are you going to pop?"

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

30 Weeks: A Cucumber

October 9, 2014

Photo Thoughts: These photos are actually from my a few days past 30 weeks... my photos are always a little delayed.  These are actually baby shower photos where I was something like 30 weeks + 2 days.  It's just easier for me to take photos on the weekends. 

How I'm Feeling: Overall, I don't have much room to complain.  I am still noticing that the all around uncomfortable feeling is just kind of becoming a part of my every day.  Nothing awful, but the dull back aches and feet aches throughout the day are no fun. 

Baby/Bump: Baby boy's brain is showing lots of activity now as his 5 senses are becoming more and more refined.  Come on, Baby Einstein!  His previously wrinkly skin is starting to smooth out as he packs on the fat.  The chubbier, the better I say. 
My bump just gets bigger and bigger (duh, I guess).  I think I might be able to avoid the outie belly button.  Mine just seems to be stretching out flat.  Belly buttons are weird things. 

Symptoms: It's definitely unavoidable now that if I am on my feet for too long, my back and my feet will inevitably begin to ache.  I'm also still experiencing some shortness of breath- usually in the evenings.  Baby, stop crowding my lungs please. 

Weight: + 1.0... +22.0 total. (Plus that +10 I never lost from Australia... but I will just try not to factor that in.  For now.)

What I'm Anticipating: I am SO excited for my baby shower coming up this weekend.  My mom, sister, and cousin are hosting a shower for me in Phoenix, and I can't wait.  It will be so fun to see friends and family and celebrate Baby H. 

What I'm Stressing About/Worries: I'm not really stressing about it, but I am just really hoping that my flight to Phoenix goes smoothly.  I hope I can avoid the crazy ankle/feet swelling I experienced the last two times I've flown during this pregnancy. 

Also, on Sunday night, I was just minding my business... making dinner. And BAM, out of nowhere, I just started crying.  I started freaking out about the usual- how fast time is going, and how much I still have to accomplish.  I have no idea why it all hit me then, but it must have been a sight to see a pregnant lady crying over pizzas-in-progress.  I called my mom in tears and just talking it out a little bit helped me feel better.  Crisis averted. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I've been lucky to avoid any crazy cravings or aversions while pregnant, but the other day I was at CVS and walked past these Peanut Butter M&M's and just had to have them.  So worth it!

Sleep: I love sleep. I am SO glad I haven't really had any trouble with sleep so far (fingers crossed it stays this way for as long as possible).

Exercise: Still doing well with the 30 Day Shred DVD's.  It seems to be the perfect fit for me at this point- easy to modify the exercises, less than 30 minutes, and I still break a pretty good sweat.  Thanks, Jillian!

Movement: Lots!  I can definitely feel baby boy a lot more frequently throughout the day.  Each night, I usually lay in bed for a while and just try and spend some time watching him move.  He still plays shy and will completely stop moving when I try to put my hand on my belly to feel it from the outside or if I try to catch the movement on video.  I am still looking forward to when the movements become even bigger- to the point where I can make out a body part or figure out how he's oriented in there.  Oh! And I keep forgetting to include this, but I think the baby is scared of the blender.  Many afternoons when I get home from work, I make a smoothie.  The blender sits right at about my belly level on the counter top, and I have noticed that as soon as I turn the blender on, he will start squirming around until I turn it off.  Sorry, baby!

Boy or Girl: Team blue!

David Moment: One night this week, I was doing something in the kitchen and I saw David just staring at me. In an accusatory way, I asked him what he was staring at.  He responded, "Wow.  You're really pregnant."  It was pretty funny.  I guess it's taking a while to hit him, too. 

Milestones: Finally! A stranger in public (actually two in the same night) acknowledged/recognized that I'm pregnant!  And bonus: it wasn't in a rude way.  David and I were at the Greek Festival, waiting in a long line for some delicious Greek pastries.  There was a lady in the next booth over trying to get people to come over to her line for ice cream.  She pointed to me and said, "YOU!  You and that baby definitely need ice cream!"  And then later on that night, we were on the crowded shuttle bus on the way back to the parking lot.  There was standing room only when we got on, and an older man insisted that I take his seat.  It was really sweet. 

Spotted at the Greek Festival: Pregnant Lady
-Ok, now this is clearly not a real milestone (and I am embarrassed to even be discussing this), but I'm to the point where my belly is getting in the way of accomplishing a lot of tasks I used to never think twice about.  Well, I seriously felt like I deserved an award or some sort of public recognition after I completed the task of... cutting my toe nails.  That was seriously about a million times harder than I ever thought possible.  And baby was NOT happy with me afterwards for basically crushing him in the process.  Pedicures from here on out?  Sounds good to me!

Highlights of the Week: It was an eventful week...

-30 Week OB Appointment: I got my T-Dap vaccine to hopefully prevent the baby from getting pertussis.  My arm seriously hurt for days after that!  #wimp.  I also had a major "oh crap" moment when the doctor walked me through several pages of consents that I had to sign and initial in a million places basically acknowledging all of the risks for me and baby with the various types of birth/delivery.  I felt like I was signing my life away.  I still have almost zero ability to imagine myself being in that position in about ten weeks, but this made things feel very, very real.  I guess this really has to happen...

-Neighborhood Moms' Group: One evening David came home from work asking if I had seen all the cars parked outside and seen the park all lit up and crowded (I hadn't).  So we walked across the street to the park and stumbled upon "National Neighborhood Night Out."  Who knew? (Not us.)  There were several stations set up with food, music, local businesses advertising, and a few neighborhood organizations.  One of the tables we stopped at happened to be the newly formed "Moms' Group" for out little neighborhood.  I was SO excited to find out that this group existed.  The two ladies I talked to seemed very nice, and they told me all about the events they try to plan, the Facebook group, etc.  So it's official- I'm in a Moms' Group!  I kind of feel like an imposter, but I am excited that there is a network for this so close by for when I need support or socialization when baby arrives. 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

29 Weeks - An Acorn Squash

October 2, 2014

Photo Thoughts: Acorn squash- just in time for Fall!  The registry/early Baby Shower gifts are starting to roll in. I can't believe I now own baby stuff! 

How I'm Feeling:  So far, so good. I have had a few experiences where I just felt all around uncomfortable in my body. One time I was just sitting on the couch and every position I sat in was just totally uncomfortable. I’m guessing those uncomfortable moments will be becoming more common.  I’m still feeling really overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done in the next few months.  I just feel like no matter how much I try to get things done, I’m just not being as productive as I need to be. When will those crazy nesting urges begin to kick in?
Baby/Bump:  Baby is the size of an acorn squash this week. He is packing on the fat slowly but surely, and moving more and more- even hiccups are common now. 
The bump is definitely growing out instead of just up now.  I got a few fun “bird’s eye view” photos of the bump this week that I thought gave a cool perspective.  I might try and do these every couple of weeks and watch the bump grow from this view, too. 
That is not an illusion, my legs really are almost as white as our stark white duvet cover
Bye bye, toes!
Symptoms:  My lower back really starts to ache if I’m either sitting or standing too long. I notice this especially when I’m cooking or doing dishes.  And my ankles are still swollen by the time bedtime rolls around most days.  Oh, and I’m experiencing some occasional shortness of breath.  It feels like the “tightness” in my chest I feel when my asthma starts to act up.  It’s not too bad though, and from what I’ve read it sounds like it is normal and just because the baby is beginning to crowd my lungs.  Rude. 
Weight:  +1.0 since last week. So +21.0 total. I'm ok with that.

What I'm Anticipating: I’m getting very excited for my baby shower in Phoenix! 
What I'm Stressing About/Worries:  The same as always- when/how will I get everything done?  I know no one ever “gets everything done,” per se, but I know I need to get as much done as possible before baby comes, and it’s a little overwhelming. 

Sleep:  I’m still doing pretty well in this area- so much so that one of my greatest daily struggles is dragging myself out of bed in the morning.  Sleep is just the best.  Oh, and one night this week I had the strangest dream.  I dreamt that we got a letter in the mail from the doctor’s office basically saying “oops, we forgot to tell you that you are actually having twins.”  I was a little nervous when I checked the mail the next day,  but obviously it was just a dream, and there is just one baby on the way. 
Exercise: Major progress in getting back on the exercise train this week!  I started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  Obviously I’m not planning to “shred” anything over the next 30 days, but I’m just glad I found a way to work exercise back into my daily schedule.  I love that the workouts are short (only 20-25 minutes), but they get the job done, and I do feel better on the days that I workout.  It was so much easier when we lived in the apartment, because the gym was literally three doors down from our apartment AND 24 hour fitness was just a 5 minute walk down the street.  Getting back into home workouts is a good solution for me right now. 

Movement: Oh yes, lots of movement.  David and I both actually got to feel him having the hiccups for the first time this week.  And one night, David put his ear to my belly (I have no idea what he was expecting to hear), and the baby gave him a pretty big kick in the face.  Haha. He jerked his head up as said, “did my son just kick me in the face?”  In general though, I swear this baby must be shy.  Because many times I feel movement and then try to put my hand there to feel it, have David look, or even if I try to record it on my camera, I swear he just becomes totally still.  It’s the weirdest thing.
Boy or Girl:  Baby boy!
Milestones: Not a real milestone in the sense of any big accomplishment or development, but I did finally work up the nerve to park in the “Stork Parking” spot at the grocery store.  I felt a little guilty at first, thinking that there was probably someone way more pregnancy than me there that needed that spot.  But I got over that and enjoyed my front and center parking spot.  #pregnantladyperks

Highlight of the Week:  For my birthday, one of my best friends got me a gift certificate for a massage at a really nice spa in Houston.  This was way back in March, and somehow I still had not used it.  I finally went in for my massage on Sunday, and it was amazing.  They obviously had to make a few adjustments since I can’t lie on my stomach anymore, but it was so nice and relaxing still.  Although at one point when I was on my back, I did start to all of a sudden feel hot, a little nauseous, dizzy, and like my heart was beating really fast.  I told the massage therapist that I needed to switch back over to my side, and the feeling immediately disappeared. I think I must have been flat on my back for too long without my head propped up or anything.  So I guess what they say is true about trying to avoid laying on your back because the uterus then puts too much pressure on one of the major blood vessels that brings blood back to your heart.  It was a strange feeling, but it did go away quickly, and it definitely did not ruin my amazing massage! 

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

28 Weeks - An Eggplant

September 25, 2014

Photo Thoughts: THIRD TRIMESTER!!!!!  How did that happen already? I got a HUGE haul of maternity clothes this week from my friend Kim- so exciting, since I was getting sick of the stuff I already have.  

How I'm Feeling: I'm thankful to still feel so good at this point (knock on wood).  My back is definitely starting to bother me throughout the day. Oh, and most days, it seems like by the end of the evening, my ankles and feet are somewhat swollen.  It always seems to go down by the morning though. 
Baby/Bump: Baby is showing brain activity and starting to fill out that wrinkly skin some fat (yay chubby babies!).  Also, this is the so-called "golden week" when it is said that from here on out, if the baby were born, he would likely survive due to lungs being more mature.  It's a big relief to know that, but pleeeeeeaaaase keep on baking for a lot longer, baby! 

At my doctor's appointment this week, I was measuring just slightly behind (27 weeks instead of 28 weeks), but she said that's still considered normal.  She also said that I have maybe about one more inch at the most for baby to take up vertical space, but from here on out it would be outward growth for this baby and belly.  Welp, let's see how big I get from here on out!  Also, the above photos and the few below were all taken this week.  It's interesting to see how different the bump looks depending what I'm wearing or on the time of day (first thing in the morning vs. later in the day). 

Symptoms: Some lower back pain, slightly swollen ankles at the end of the day. 

Weight: + 20 pounds total...

What I'm Anticipating: I got my baby shower invitation in the mail!  I'm so excited to go to Phoenix in a few weeks to celebrate baby boy!

What I'm Stressing About/Worries:  I woke up at about 3AM one night this week (to go to the bathroom... of course), but then I could not fall back asleep.  I laid awake in bed for at least an hour kind of working myself up into a panic thinking about how little time I have left, how much I have to do still, worrying about how much my life would change, and truthfully for a brief moment, the dark/totally irrational thought even entered my mind that "wait, maybe I don't want/am not ready for all this afterall." I eventually calmed myself down and fell back asleep, and woke up feeling fine the next morning.  Just a LOT on my mind I guess, and apparently my brain wanted to sort through it all at 3AM that day. 

Now that I think about it, THIS may have had something to do with me waking up in a panic.  At my appointment this week (the same day I woke up in the middle of the night), they went ahead and scheduled all the rest of my appointments for the rest of the pregnancy.  THAT was a pretty scary thing to think about. 

Sleep: Still good!  Except for that one night I mentioned above. 

Exercise: Slowly but surely starting to work exercise back into my schedule. I went to my favorite Wednesday and Saturday Zumba classes this week. 

Movement: Lots of movement, but still not strong enough that I can differentiate between kicks, punches, stretches, rolls, etc.  It will be fun (and probably totally weird) when I get to the point where I can differentiate body parts. 

Boy or Girl: Blue!

Milestones: Made it to the 3rd trimester.  I'd say that's a pretty big milestone!  Also, I had my glucose challenge test this week, and I passed!  Phew!  Honestly, I didn't think that sugary drink was all that bad.  Mine tasted like extra sugary, but flat Hawaiian Punch.  I took myself out on a lunch date afterwards to celebrate checking that test off the list and making it to the 3rd Trimester. 

Bad preggo- eating deli meat.

Highlights of the Week: I got to spend a day this week with four (American) friends that I made in Australia.  Four of us now live in Houston, and one was visiting while her husband is her for a short-term work assignment.  It was so fun to get together, and I'm so glad I met these girls on the other side of the world.  In addition to the five of us girls, there were 3 outside babies, and 2 inside babies.  BABIES EVERYWHERE! 

About 5 weeks apart. It' so fun to go through our pregnancies together!

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

27 Weeks - A Rutabaga / Green Onion

September 18, 2014

Photo Thoughts: LAST WEEK of the Second Trimester!  I can't believe it.  I'm loving the new spot I chose for these weekly photos. My photographer thinks it's too much back-lighting, but whatever- better than the harsh overhead lighting.  Also, don't be alarmed, I am fully aware that what I am holding is NOT a rutabaga.  I just have no desire to buy an obscure food that I know we won't eat, so I went with green onion, since that is pretty close to the baby's length this week.  Also, a special guest appearance by my family in my weekly photos this week! 

How I'm Feeling: Physically I still feel great... except for some soreness from a little accident I had this week (more on this below).  It was kind of a hard week emotionally, with my grandmother's funeral over the weekend, but overall, things are going well. 

Baby/Bump: Baby boy is officially showing brain activity this week!

The baby bump is finally showing some pretty consistent and noticeable growth OUTward.  I sill have yet to have a stranger acknowledge that I'm pregnant... so hopefully that doesn't just mean that I'm still looking like someone with a beer gut. 

Symptoms: I'm starting to experience some lower back pain if I'm on my feet for long (doing dishes, making dinner, etc.).  But then again, it also bothers me if I sit for too long... so it's kind of a lose-lose situation.  It's not terrible though. 

Weight: I didn't weight myself again this week. Whatever.

What I'm Stressing About/Worries: It was sort of stressful to come back to the giant mess of a house that I left behind the day after we moved.  Boxes and random furniture that we really don't have room for are everywhere.  But, David did surprise me by totally taking care of the garage (lots of heavy things, plus it's hot in there) and all the electronic stuff (which I would have totally messed up anyways).  I guess I just have to start slowly chipping away at unpacking... little by little.

This 100 day reminder was quite a wake-up call!  Time is FLYING by.
I'm also a little bit worried about a dermatologist appointment I had this week. The doctor wanted to biopsy a spot on my scalp that I had pointed out to him since I thought it looked suspicious.  He said that he would be pretty surprised if it came back as anything, so I'm actually pretty optimistic and not too worried about it.  I should hear back either way next week. 

What I'm Missing: I really would have loved to have had a few drinks this weekend.  It was hard being around all of my cousins that are close in age to me, and not being able to have a drink with them... but only a few more months of sobriety :-)

Sleep: I'm still sleeping really well! The hotel bed I slept in while I was in North Carolina was seriously one of the most comfortable beds ever!  And then I got to come home to our giant king size bed again- that novelty still hasn't worn off yet.  Yay sleep!

Exercise: Totally slacking off.  Between moving, travelling, unpacking, there are just way too many excuses to make.  I'm giving myself some slack though, and telling myself I will get back to it when things calm down a little bit. 

Movement: Still feeling daily movement.  And slowly, but surely, the movements are getting stronger.  Although I still don't feel like I can discern if a movement is a kick, punch, stretch, roll, etc.  Well, I take that back- sometimes I feel a movement that just has to be a roll.  It is the strangest feeling, and it almost makes me feel motion-sick for a brief moment. 

It's hard to describe what the movements feel like.  It doesn't really feel like gas bubbles anymore. A lot of the time it actually feels very similar to the way a muscle twitch in your leg might feel.  One friend of mine said that to her it felt like someone tapping their fingers on her belly from the inside.  Weird!  Another friend of mine (hi, Maggie!) :-)  described it in a really genius way.  She said to "picture a goldfish you win at a fair, or bring home from the pet store in a plastic bag full of water. The goldfish bumping against the side of the bag is kind of what it feels like when the baby moves." I thought that was a pretty genius comparison/description.  Although I do feel like the movements I'm feeling are slowly starting to feel stronger than that. 

Boy or Girl: XY

Milestones: Baby's 2nd round trip flight.  He has now been in Texas, Arizona and North Carolina (and Georgia and Illinois if you count layovers).  I hope I have a baby who is an easy traveler- especially knowing that a good amount of travelling will be in our future with most of our family being out of town!  A negative side effect of the travelling though, was that when I got home late Sunday night and changed out of my jeans, I realized that my ankles and feet were super swollen from the flight.  Really, really attractive. And it took several days for the swelling to go down.  I didn't follow doctor's orders to get up and move around during the flight- lesson learned. 

Cute, right?
HighLowlights of the Week: Guys, I had a super scary fall over the weekend.  I was at my aunt's house where the whole family was gathering before we headed to the church for my grandma's funeral.  About 30 minutes before we needed to leave (great timing), I headed upstairs to use the bathroom.  My aunt was at the top of the stairs and said there was already someone in there, so I turned to go back downstairs to try the bathroom down there, and somehow I missed a step and fell head first all the way to the bottom of the stairs.  I hit my head on the wood floor at the bottom, and I just remember that within seconds there were a ton of people standing above me.  I also managed to pull part of the hand railing out of the wall attempting to catch my fall.  My first reaction was to try and sit up and make clear that I didn't want a bunch of people just standing there staring at me.  So my mom cleared everyone out, except for her and my cousin who conveniently just so happens to be an ER doctor.  My cousin checked me out, and I didn't honestly feel all that bad, and she said she'd check in with me throughout the day, and just said that as long as I didn't have any cramping or bleeding that the baby was fine.  I am so thankful that I wasn't seriously hurt, and most importantly that the baby was OK.  It was mostly just really scary and really embarrassing.  I walked away with a giant scratch on my shin (no idea what that came from- I think maybe from the heel of my shoe), a very sore back, and a huge bruise on the back of each hip- I must have hit my lower back/hips pretty hard.  So. Now I know- the whole pregnancy clumsiness/shifting of your center of balance is no joke.  I'm legitimately scared of stairs now.  Good thing I just moved into a 2 story house. 
*Also an important lesson: done with heels during this pregnancy.  Yep.

Focus on the bruise- not the love handles, stretch marks, etc.

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