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10 Months

10 Months
September 27 – October 26

You’re a double digit baby now!  And you’re getting way too close to being a one year old.  I’m not ready for my baby to become a toddler!  Slow down, sweet boy! 

Here’s a look at what Jack was up to this month:

Long story short:

-Milestones: Jack is cruising and speed crawling everywhere!  He is SOCLOSE to standing on his own- I just know he will be standing any day now.  Jack had his first vacation this month- to Hawaii (lucky baby), and he traveled like a champ.  He still has just the 4 teeth, and I love his little vampire smile.  He can feed himself most table foods with his hands, and he is making all kinds of new sounds: “k,” “g,” "b," and unfortunately for our ears, his scream has reached even higher volumes. 
-Likes: Jack still loves climbing the stairs- he will stand at the gate and whine at me until I open it for him to do his daily stair climb.  At the beginning of the month he HATED when I would try to make him use his walker, but now he loves it, and he pushes it everywhere.  He’s still oddly obsessed with the alarm panel, the thermostat panels, and the string that hangs down from the attic door.  Weirdo.  Unfortunately, he still loves pulling my hair and now biting me.  Yay.  Favorite toys include: big stuffed bear (who really needs a name), Baby Einstein “ipod,” Tupperware, toilet paper, toilet seat, walker, rugs (he obsesses over the fringe), and his basting brush (don’t ask). 
-Dislikes: Diaper/clothes changes and wiping of face/hands = torture. 
-Foods:  I haven’t really come across any foods that he refuses to eat, but in general he’s just not that big of an eater.  He still loves his milk and formula.  Sometimes I get a little worried that he’s not eating enough solids, but I figure he is gaining weight fine, so I try not to worry about it.  He does really seem to like avocado and still loves broccoli.
-Sizes: Diaper size 4, Clothing: 12 months, moving into 18 month
-Sleep: Sleep got a little messed up with all the travelling we did, and the 5 hour time change was a doozy.  But overall, it really wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and I’m so glad we started sleep training BEFORE our trip to Hawaii.  It took about 3-4 days to adjust back to Houston time, but after that sleep was good again.  That is, until he started cutting 3 teeth all at once.  Grrrrr….

Long story (very) long:

40 Weeks (September 27 – October 2)

During Jack’s 40th week, we made a quick trip to Austin so that he could meet David’s cousin who was visiting from Germany.  This week Jack also cut his 4th tooth.  So now he has the two bottom middle teeth and the top two lateral incisors.  Which basically means he looks like a vampire.  He caught a cold this week, unfortunately.  Just in time for our trip to Hawaii… ugh!
Other highlights of the week: loves sticking his tongue out.  He also loves to blow raspberries on his hand, my neck, the couch, etc.  

42 Weeks (October 10 -  16)

First taste of Texas BBQ


Jack ALWAYS rubs his head while eating

41 Weeks (October 3 – 9)

Jack traveled to Hawaii this week!  We went for my mom’s 60th birthday celebration, and I’d been both looking forward to and dreading this trip for months.  I was mostly nervous about the flight, but he did great!  It was totally exhausting to entertain a baby on your lap for 6+ hours, but he really surprised me and was a great little traveler.  Once there, we had lots of extra hands to help out with Jack, and he loved all the attention.  The 5 hour time difference was a big adjustment and resulted in many EARLY mornings, but again, overall, he did really well, and I can’t complain.  It was so fun to watch him experience the beach and the ocean for the very first time.  He loved the water and (eating) the sand! 
New trick this week: rubbing his fingers over his lips to make a “blub blub” sound

First time in the Pacific Ocean (or any ocean for that matter)


Rough life
42 Weeks (October 10 - 16)

This week we were mostly just recovering from our trip and readjusting to the time change and our normal schedule.  I have been trying to get him to practice “walking” either by holding onto his hands and making walking motions forward or by trying to get him to practice with his walker.  Every time I try either method, he plants his feet firmly and leans forward for as long as he possibly can without moving his feet.  And when I try to get him to use the walker, he just cries.  It’s so pathetic.  Poor guy!  Also noteworthy this week- Jack is getting a little bit more cuddly!  He has always loved being held, but he hasn’t ever been cuddly while being held.  He’s much too busy to lay his head on my shoulder or relax on my lap.  But it now seems like this is slowly changing.  When he is sleepy before naps, he will rest his head on my shoulder for a minute or two… until he gets distracted by something more interesting.  I’ll take what I can get though!   He also is starting to reach his arms up/out when he is sitting on the ground and wants to be picked up.  And he also loves to pull to standing at my leg while I am cooking or washing dishes or otherwise busy and whine and cry until I pick him up,  He loves being in on the action at all times and does not appreciate being left alone for very long.  

Last day in Hawaii


43 Weeks (October 17 – 23)

This week started off with a bang.  Literally.  Jack had his first big fall.  He fell off of our bed and landed right on his head.  And it happened on my watch.  I felt so awful. Still do.  It was so scary for both of us!  He screamed and cried, and even ended up vomiting shortly after it happened, which can be a bad sign after a fall.  I spoke with a nurse at our doctor’s office though, and she asked me a million questions, gave me some things to watch for, and determined that he didn’t need to be seen.  I took him in to see his pediatrician the next day though, just to be sure.  He got the all clear. 

We had some fun Halloween/Fall activities this week.  We had a neighborhood Halloween play date where we decorated pumpkins.  Jack was more interested in the toys, but we left with his very first Halloween pumpkin that he (I) decorated.  At the end of the week, Jack and I went to ZOO BOO at the Houston Zoo.  This is definitely an activity that will be more enjoyable when he is older, but it was still fun to check it out.  The highlight of that trip was that he stood on his own for the very first time while we were in the mini pumpkin patch!  And lucky for me, it was right when I was taking pumpkin patch photos of him!  He has only done it again a handful of times.  I don’t think he even realizes what he’s doing when it happens, but there’s no doubt that he will be standing on his own very soon! 

Other updates from the week:  After the drama of me forcing him to use his walker last week, he now LOVES the walker and waddles around all day now!  It’s the cutest thing, and he is just so proud of himself!  He will walk full speed ahead until he rams into a wall, and then he will just stare at me like, “um mom, hurry up and get over here to help me so I can keep moving!”  

My very own JACK-o-lantern




1st time standing!!!

Why is this a thing again, mom?...

Zoo selfies
It's been a wonderful 10 months with you, Jack Andrew!  Can't wait to see what the next month brings!  

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