Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Engagement-versary.  That's a thing, right? 

Three years ago, David proposed, and I (of course) said yes!  Although I don't insist on actually celebrating little anniversaries such as this (today was just like any other typical weekday), I do always love to remember these occasions and reminisce for at least a little while.  And plus, I love when blogs share stories like this, so I've been wanting to add posts about our engagement, wedding, etc.  So indulge me while I share our engagement story.

March 12, 2010

David and I had planned a cruise for my spring break.  Our cruise was leaving on a Monday (also my birthday).  We had decided to go to dinner on Friday night to celebrate my birthday since we would be busy that weekend packing and preparing for our trip.

David came home from work that day with three roses (I thought they were for my birthday... I was later informed they were for the 3 years we had been together).  We then went to dinner at the first restaurant David took me to during my first visit to Houston.  At this point, I still had no idea what was about to go down- although, looking back at it I had plenty of red flags, but for whatever reason I was oblivious to them.

After dinner we came back to our apartment, and David said he wanted to give me my birthday present early. I protested, because I'm always weird about opening presents early and I insist on saving my birthday presents until my actual birthday.  After some convincing, I agreed.  David instructed me to sit on the couch and wait while he got it.  When he returned, he presented me with a big gift bag and a card.  If you know me well, you know that I love sending and receiving cards.  David, not so much.  So when I DO receive a card from him, I get very excited.  Needless to say, I was distracted by my excitement that David had written me a birthday card and forgot all about the gift bag.  I opened the card to find that the inside simply read, "I love you Megan Grant.  Will you marry me?"  I looked up, and David was on his knee with a ring in his hand.  I was so surprised that I said nothing for a few seconds.  When I finally did speak, the first words out of my mouth were, "is this a joke?!" (David STILL gives me crap for having this reaction :-)  oops).  I was just SO truly surprised, that it just didn't feel real.  After he assured me it was not a joke, I quickly said, "YES!"  We made several calls to friends and family and then enjoyed a week long cruise relaxing and celebrating our engagement before all the wedding planning began. 

His proposal was just perfect for us. I love hearing about public proposals, but I always knew that I would just be mortified if I ever had one myself. So I loved that it was private and just the two of us. I also love that he incorporated the restaurant where we had our first date since that will always be such a special place for us.

Shortly after he proposed - I was a little teary
3 Roses for 3 Years and the best card EVER!

The bling. David picked it out all on his own without any input from me.  I LOVE it!
Celebrating on our cruise

Newly engaged!


  1. You're right, I do love reading these stories. :) Totally cute! And I love it when the girl's oblivious. Makes it even cuter.

  2. Thanks! It was pretty fun to be completely surprised! Thanks for following along :-)

  3. Yay sister! Maybe some day I will get a girlfriend!


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