Friday, May 10, 2013

Embarrassing Moment {& Why I'm Just Not Cut Out For Cold Weather}

Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

While totally humiliating at the time, this story now cracks me up whenever I think back on it.  Feel free to have a good laugh at my expense :-) 

As I've mentioned on this little blog multiple times, I went to college at Gonzaga University in the lovely Spokane, Washington.  The winters there can be pretty cold, icy, and snowy.  One particularly cold and icy morning, I began a cross-campus trek to class with my good friend and roommate.  As we passed through one of the "high-traffic" areas on campus (Desmet Circle for any fellow Zags out there), I was giving said friend a hard time for her shoe choice.  While I had chosen sensible and weather appropriate shoes/snow boots to avoid any mishaps with ice, my much more fashion-aware friend had chosen cute wedges.  In the middle of poking fun at her shoe choice and warning her that she better watch out for black ice- BAM!  My feet flew up from under me and before I knew what happened, I was on my back in the middle of a pretty large crowd of students on their way to class.  I just kind of laid there for a while feeling both shock and embarrassment.  A couple people had to come over and help me up- including my cute-shoed friend.  I tried to hurry away as quickly as possible, but you better believe that hurt (both my backside and my ego). 

My friend and I still laugh about this story.  Now, I just think of this story as more evidence to my argument that I am just not cut out for cold weather. 

*Disclaimer: Please excuse the poor photo quality/old photos.

The beautiful (and treacherous) campus during winter

Had to post a snowy photo of the awesome "Doll House" of a house I got to live in senior year.  Would you believe my rent was $300/month?! Why did I ever move?  Oh yeah... snow...

Happier times in the snow

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  1. Timing just has a way of taking control, doesn't it?? I'm sure that made your friend's day immediately!

    And the doll house?? Absolutely picture perfect.

  2. I definitely never questioned her fashion choices again :-)


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