Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go {Literally}

Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go

Second to last post in this challenge- phew!  Almost there!

I'm going to take a very literal approach in responding to the term "letting go" and use a pair of photos to provide a visual representation of a time when I had to let go.  

Don't let my smile fool you, my teeth were chattering and my knuckles were white. 

"Letting go" of something whether it be literally, physically, or emotionally is something that is difficult for most people- myself included.  I think it is difficult because it is scary.  It leaves you vulnerable. It might hurt. It involves taking a risk that has no guarantee to end in your favor. 

While showing photos of the time I threw myself off a perfectly good bridge isn't exactly the "deepest" or most insightful route I could have taken with this prompt, I still think it is very symbolic of what letting go can feel like sometimes.  As I wrote about here, I never ever had wanted to bungy jump, but there I found myself with my toes hanging over the ledge nearly 50 meters in the air.  As you can see in the first photo, my right hand was hanging onto that pole for dear life.  What you can't see is that seconds after this photo was taken, they had to send an employee up there to literally pry my fingers off from around that pole.  He probably had to do this at least five times before I finally let go.  But I did.  Finally.  I needed a little extra help.  But I did let go.  And I'm glad I did.  I could have been hurt in this process of letting go, but I survived unscathed.  And I came out of it with more courage.  More confidence.  And while I don't feel the need to ever repeat this experience, I'm glad I did it.  And I can only hope that this physical experience of letting go might make letting go of other things in my life now and in the future a little easier and a little less scary. 
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  1. You are SO brave. I don't think I could ever "let go" like you did here! [although, I will never say never...]

    1. You should try it! Just once is all you'll need :-)

  2. That looks like fun, but I don't know if I could ever bungee jump like that.

    1. It was SO fun. Terrifying. But fun!

  3. Holy Crap!!! I would still be hanging on for dear life. :-)

    1. Honestly, I thought I would stay up there forever, but before I knew it, I was magically at the bottom of the rope, bouncing above the river below.

  4. Wow! I have always wanted to do a bungee jump, it's on my bucket list! It looked so much fun :)


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