Friday, May 24, 2013

My Three Worst Traits/Faults

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

Not sure if these items are actually "traits" or not.  Maybe "faults" or "things I need to work on" would be better descriptors.

Exhibit A: Indecisive. Clearly choosing just one flavor was much too difficult of a task for me...
1.) I'm a procrastinator.  Always have been.  Every once in a blue moon, I will get in a super pro-active mood and get things done well in advance of when they need to be done.  And I love the feeling that I get when this happens.  But despite that, I still can't seem to make a habit of it.  I put assignments, chores, phone calls, and a multitude of other things off until the near last minute.  Maybe I work well under pressure?  Or maybe I'm just a master of distraction? 

2.) I'm indecisive.  I labor over decisions both big and small.  Where to eat dinner, job decisions, travel plans- you name it, I will most likely have a hard time making a decision about it. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather just roll a dice or have someone else make a decision for me.  I think this actually has quite a bit to do with my next "worst trait" in that I just over-think decisions and choices.  I have gotten better at this one over the years though, but I know I need to work on this even more.  I think one thing I do have going for me in this area is that once I actually do make a decision, I don't waiver from it.  My indecisiveness usually comes only during the decision-making process. 

3.) I'm an over-analyzer.  I think a lot of women do this.  I put way too much energy into worrying and thinking about things like: why someone did or didn't say or do something, figuring out the significance of an event totally out of my control, obsessing over various scenarios or reactions that are most likely completely unlikely.  It can be exhausting.  I envy people like my husband who are able to see things in a much more black/white fashion, while I just get caught up in all the gray areas, the "what if's, and the "what does it mean"

In writing this post, I think I've realized that these three traits/faults all really have a lot in common and probably feed one another.  I procrastinate sometimes because I am indecisive.  I am indecisive because I over-analyze.  And on and on.  At least I can say that hopefully if I improve in even one of these areas, the others should also follow. 

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  1. SO TRUE that they link up!!! I actually had a much more introspective, serious post all set for today that included two of the three traits there basically, but decided to go lighter. The indecisiveness kills me, yet I just can't stop.

  2. Your newest follower here from the blog challenge! I'm joining in super late, oh well!


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